Jason N Miller

Jason Miller creates his conceptually driven images in-studio, Memphis, TN, his native city wherein he obtained his Master of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Memphis.

Miller is interested in making imagery that deals with human subjects interrelating and communicating through archaic 20th century artifacts. He works both in single imagery as well as grand format digital montage. Miller digitally composes philosophically complex arrangements of imagery that involves the combining of hundreds to thousands of single images that Miller makes initially through the medium of photography. Each photograph is a word and when combined the photographic words form visual sentences on a visual parallel to the way individual musical notes unite to form arrangements. Historical topics including Memento mori, Vanitas, and a self-reflection on modern human inventions of communication paired with mirrors and symbolism are placed in communion with the use of chiaroscuro, thoroughly considered custom museum dioramas, and highly detailed photographic based renderings.

No images are used that do not first pass directly through Miller’s camera. The goal of the photographically created images is to transcend being merely esthetically pleasing in order to arrive at a materialization of the underlying thought process.

"My work is designed, from conception to final
presentation, to lay bare the struggle and chess
play behind my process."
-JN Miller

As an artist, in the field of New Media Two-Dimensional Art, Miller’s work has been selected for exhibition by prestigious jurors including Peter Frank, Meredith Ward, Peter Schjedahl, Fr. Terrence E. Dempsey, Dr. Ellen “Nan” Plummer, Charles Reeve, Beauvais Lyons, Gail Roberts, and Photographer’s Forum Magazine. Miller has received awards from internationally renowned jurors including Chakaia Booker, Don Gregorio, Robert J. Sanchez and Emiko René Lewis-Sanchez, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Other awards include Visual Overture Magazine’s Artist of the Week Award and Oxford American 100 most important artists in the South for the 2012 Visual South Issue, 76.

Currently, Miller is the recipient of an image driven art commission for the City of Memphis with a budget of 31,000 and has completed commissions for organizations including Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.