Dairy Diary:Photographs by Jason N Miller


Concept and Process:
Dairy Diary is an ongoing straight photography series wherein I insert myself into various grocery store dairy coolers and display cases where products are housed for domesticated human consumption. I photograph human subjects unaware, then approach and fill them in on my project and its goals. Ultimately, Dairy Diary is a series about a universal facet of our existence. It is a unifier that connects us all through the commonplace platform of a condition that on an individual basis, nevertheless, together we share. Regardless, of ethnicity or economic means, we all have to eat, and to eat we must obtain food. Dairy Diary contains an inherent humor merged with the sincerity and sometimes-downtrodden essence of life. Often, in my Dairy Diary Series, the human subject is dwarfed and isolated by the products, which he or she reaches for on the shelves. To me this references the metaphorical question, which asks if we, ourselves, are not becoming more and more the products.

Translation and Presentation:
My goal is to extract the experience from the cooler environment and reintroduce it into the public at large. This reintroduction enables the all people to experience the alienated lone first person view, which initially caused me to see from the inside looking out. This reversal of mode and perspective is a subtle form of visual enlightenment, through the mediator of photography, that helps us all see another dimension of existence through the empathetic cooler view. By taking the experience outside of the place of initial creation and presenting it in large format billboard display, the series is allowed to form into a more epic gesture of role-play for the end viewer.


Independent Conceptual Art Project


Conceptual Photographic Imagery Series